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Display Size: 24"
Optional Sit Stand Desks: No Sit Stand Desk
Optional Monitor Mount: No Monitor Mount


Electric Sit Stand Desk

Bring fun back into the office with this Electric Sit Stand Desk. It’s easy to use, letting you go from sitting to standing at the push of the button. It’s easy to set up with a three-step, no-sweat install that clocks under five minutes. And it’s easy to enjoy with four preset heights designed to meet your ergonomic needs, plus thoughtful cable management and a waterfall edge that exudes style from every angle.

This desk is 46" wide and comes in a matte white finish.

When checking out, you will notice two shipping options when ordering an Optional Electric Sit Stand Desk:

#1 To Loading Dock:

The shipment will arrive on a skid and requires a dock at the receiving location. Select this option if your place of business has a dock to accept the shipment. This option costs $150 CAD.

#2 Second Person Inside Delivery:

Choose this option if your place of business does not have a dock and you need to specify where you want the package to be delivered in the building. This option costs $250 CAD.

For any questions, please contact sales@boxav.com.

Grey / White Sit Stand Desk

This Sit Stand Desk transforms everyday offices into dynamic, active workspaces. This sit-stand desktop converter offers easy, crank-free height adjustment and holds up to 40 lbs (18.1 kg) of office essentials on a large worksurface. Comes in either a dark grey or white working surface

 Find your best view, save desk space and discover your most productive self, thanks to the dual side-by-side monitor mount. This dual monitor mount is perfect for side-by-side or low angle views.

Comes in matte black.

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