5 Reasons You Need a Standing Desk

It won’t come as a surprise that sitting too much is bad for your health. However, we still sit for an average of 7.7 hours a day. Today, we simply aren’t as active as we once were, with the majority of people working in roles that require being seated for over half the day.

The reality is that our bodies are designed to move, or at least maintain an upright position. We should be seated only when we are resting, not while we are working or playing. One major way to avoid sitting too much and alleviate the health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle is to invest in a standing desk.

Not only will a standing desk contribute to improving your overall health by reducing your risk of heart disease, diabetes, varicose veins, and cancer but you’ll also enjoy a host of other benefits as well. To show you just how important it is to make the switch, here are five reasons bringing a standing desk into your workspace will be the best decision you make this week.

#1 - Reduce Upper Back and Neck Pain

Upper back and neck pain are the top complaints of workers who spend most of their time sitting. The “Take a Stand” project of 2011 found that those who moved to a standing desk for just 66 minutes a day saw a 54 percent reduction in back and neck pain. If these participants saw such dramatic results after standing for just over an hour a day, imagine what a standing desk could do for you.

#2 - Boost Energy and Mood

Spending an excessive amount of time in a seated position has been found to contribute heavily to anxiety and depression, both of which can take a toll on your energy levels and overall mood. It would logically follow, then, that spending more time standing would reduce these factors, thereby boosting your energy and mood. Participants in the “Take a Stand” project reported improved mood after just four weeks of spending 66 minutes a day at their standing desk. Interestingly, when the project was over and the participants resumed working at their sitting desks, they all reported a deterioration in mood.

#3 - Feel More Comfortable

We know that feeling comfortable while you’re working makes a huge difference. In the “Take a Stand” study, 87 percent of the participants reported feeling more comfortable throughout the work day when they incorporated just 66 minutes a day at their standing desk. Not only does spending more time in an upright position make your body more comfortable but you’ll also notice it helps to combat weight gain, which can further improve your overall feeling of comfort in and out of the office.

#4 - Improve Focus

It’s difficult to focus when your mind keeps drifting. Often this happens when we are experiencing pain, which can be extremely distracting, or when we are suffering from anxiety or depression. As discussed above, a standing desk works to alleviate both upper back and neck pain and anxiety and depression, so you will find your ability to focus improves drastically as a result. In the “Take a Stand” study, 71 percent of participants felt more focused after using a standing desk for just 66 minutes a day.

#5 - Increase Productivity

Although working while standing may take some getting used to at first, participants in the “Take a Stand” study had nothing negative to report regarding the standing desk’s impact on their ability to complete various tasks. In fact, taking the above four factors into account, mental alertness and productivity actually improved for these workers through the weeks they were spending part of the day at a standing desk. When the body spends more time in the upright position it was designed for, it functions more efficiently, increasing productivity as a result.

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